Curriculum & Lessons

Nichibei English Service actively monitors trends and developments in English language education in Japan, and prides itself in providing a curriculum that is carefully tailored to meet the needs of today’s language learners. Through various teaching opportunities we offer, teachers can develop further as teaching professionals.

Individualized Curriculum System

At Nichibei English Service, curriculum for each student is created based on a system called “Individualized Curriculum System”. With individualized curriculum system, we first assess the student English proficiency level in terms of listening, pronunciation, speaking, vocabulary, expressions, and grammar. Then, curriculum for each student is made by choosing most suitable classes from a variety of courses we offer. We believe that individualized curriculum system enables our students improve their target areas and/or further enhance their strengths.

Lesson Styles

We offer several lesson styles.
Group Lesson: Our small-sized group lessons provide effective learning through both instructor teaching and peer learning.
■Private Lesson: Our private lessons provide intensive one-on-one instruction, focusing on specific needs and goals of the student. 
■Talk and Practice (TAP): Our mixed-level free conversation classes give students the opportunity to further hone skills learned in private/group lessons.

Qualification-Prep Courses

We offer a wide range of qualification-prep courses that enable students to ready themselves for English tests such as Eiken, TOEIC®, IELTS™, TOEFL®, GRE®, and GMAT™.

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Corporate Classes

We dispatch teachers for various corporate classes to teach at companies, universities, high schools and so on.